“Highway Safety Films” by The Loud Bangs

The Loud Bangs are a newly formed shoegaze rock band from the great city of Los Angeles. The four piece that was formed in the summer of 2021 consists of Alice Street and Daisy Gutierrez in vox and guitar, Hannah Redley showing off many talents with the bass and keyboard and drummer Marcus Nemuro giving meaning to the name The Loud Bangs.

The group has released a series of 5 song EPs and a few EPs full of remixes, “Highway Safety Films” is their third five song EP. Their released music tells a story, of the anxiety of car crashes which led to Alice’s focus mental health obstacles, thus “Highway Safety Films” was born.

As you start to play “Speed Enforced by Aircraft”, it lifts you off immediately. The way the guitars compliment each other gets you hooked, the song truly feels like it’s something that would be played in a cinema about space or flying. As you listen to “Speed Enforced by Aircraft” you feel like you’re floating and taking off into your own world.

The subtlety of the drums in “Archie’s Enemies” is the perfect introduction for you to close your eyes and relax or to take a chance to watch the visualizer that is associated with the song. While on the other end “Cars Kill” is a fast energetic song that almost resembles an out of control car chase with a fuzzy visualizer to match.

The band continues to take you to multiple levels as the EP is coming to a close, “Oranges” and “Emergency Surgery” are cosmic level songs. These are two way for you to get out of your head and into your mind, the thinking that will come while listening to “Emergency Surgery” will be on a new level. It really opens you up.

The Loud Bangs will be a name that you will soon know very well, the four piece are a group of loveable people that make relatable music even without lyrics. Prepare to have a new favorite band.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Kim Withers




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