“Green Fires” by Nobody’s Wolf Child

A hypnotic new single that pulls you in from the opening bars, “Green Fires” is passionate and utterly addictive.

There’s an understated yet very present intensity to this single that makes it incredibly enticing, from the genius instrumentation that hints at something darker to the lush vocals that harbor a subtle edge. The track blossoms from its smooth opener into a more intense chorus, with distorted strings and a powerful bass line. Ethereal and captivating vocals define this track, as Nobody’s Wolf Child explores a darker sound on this track.

The lush production adds a cinematic edge to the single, allowing each instrument to breathe and be heard perfectly. The start of a trilogy of works, the standard has been set high with this track accompanied by a stunning video. Weaving a beautiful tale amidst a sea of gorgeous orchestrations is no mean feat but “Green Fires” does exactly that.

Nobody’s Wolf Child is quickly becoming a small cult success with more and more people around the world joining the wolf pack every day on various social media platforms and as actual signed up members of the wolf pack. Along with the release of “Green Fires”, Nobody’s Wolf Child will be giving away free prints of unseen artwork to those who join the mailing list in anticipation of bigger announcements later in the year.

At the very start of an incredibly promising career, there’s no better time to check out Nobody’s Wolf Child. Dark, alluring and endlessly endearing, this new track is the perfect song to sink your teeth into their amazing discography. Stream “Green Fires” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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