“Breathe Again” by Tobin Rock

An endearing new rock song inspired by giants like Snow Patrol and Muse, “Breathe Again” is stunning new single, rich in atmosphere and addictive melodies.

Based in Chicago, Tobin Rock has released nine singles and is planning on releasing a full-length album alongside a live tour in fall of 2022. His charismatic vocals and the consistently unique atmosphere encasing his music has allowed Rock to grow a budding fanbase, enamored by his raw and emotive sound.

“Breathe Again” is a song of resilience. Its power stems from Rock’s clever lyricism and passionate performance along with the excellent production. Tobin’s experience in the music scene, partnering with legends like Damien Nolan and Grammy award-winning mixer Dom Morley has allowed him to garner an incredible ear for catchy melodies, dynamics and eclectic sonic landscapes.

“As an artist, songwriter, musician, etc., you should write, speak, and create from whatever inspires you. As there is so much crazy going on in the world right now, I feel committed to attacking social issues and confronting what is really affecting or challenging us all. With ‘Breathe Again,’ I’ve found it so helpful lately to reflect on the mind-blowing enormity and complexity of the universe around us and to put things into perspective about how the human race always finds a way to carry on. And in this massive existence, at the end of the day, all we have is love, which, like John Lennon said, it’s ‘all you need”. – Tobin Rock

At the start of an incredibly promising career, the only way is up for one of Chicago’s most exciting new rock acts. With all proceeds going to the Ukrainian Red Cross, “Breathe Again” is a must for anyone looking for something delightfully unique and emotive this summer. Stream it today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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