‘Tell You Ma” by Jeremy Engel

The world has been in a difficult spot. As wage gaps grow higher and higher, poverty and homelessness continue to skyrocket. In this world, so many people get caught in a position where they have to reassess their definition of home. Sometimes home is under a doorway or on a particular corner, but in many cultures, poverty is frowned upon. This makes it difficult to open up to our loved ones about our own difficulties. This seems to be the message that music artist Jeremy Engel is telling in his latest track ‘Tell You Ma.’

‘Tell You Ma’’ is equal parts nostalgic and new. This is a track dashed with some pretty spicy guitar licks, a full sound, and powerful raspy rock vocals. There’s something just a bit jazzy in its sound, and the way it flows is interesting. It utilizes dynamic musicianship throughout and allows so much color to come through the vivid guitar production. There’s an energy and wow factor to it, and each and every hook will find a way to reel you in again and again. You’ll find yourself captivated through multiple listens, as there are so many musical points of interest.

According to an official press release ‘Tell You Ma’’ “invites all who listen to consider what makes somewhere home for them.” In it, the voice of the song is telling their mom about sleeping under the door of a drugstore, as she hasn’t heard about their living in a while. As it starts off the lyrics state, “You see the world and you don’t know where it’s going.” It seems that the voice of the song has to come to grips with the terms of telling their mother that this is their home now, and they are sore, and they are not okay. What’s interesting about this lyricism, is that it seems to capture the idea of home in a place of poverty. With the issue of poverty becoming greater, it becomes an all-too-real experience for more and more people. This track, and the thoughts it evokes, are chilling.

Jeremy Engel is a Dublin, Ireland-based rock artist with a love and passion for his homeland’s culture. He creates tracks with a vivid passion for the world around him due to his love and exploration of many of the world’s cultures. He takes his open and eclectic worldview to craft the music he makes, borrowing from his own experience in the world around us. ‘Tell You Ma’ is one of the first tracks Jeremy has ever written, and it took 20 years between the process of writing and recording. Even though so much time has passed, the idea behind this track relates so much to our world as of today.

Written by Sage Plapp




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