“Four And A Half” by Snakedoctors

Snakedoctors, you know them you love them..they are releasing song after song, EP after EP, album after album. The group doesn’t stop, bringing the sick riffs and main vocals is guitarist Wojciech Wypych, bassist Jaroslaw “Jerry” Szybowski is providing the darkness and the funk, Jacek Karnat brings the uniqueness with the keyboard and backing vocals, and drummer Robert Porazka keeps the variety going.

They started Snakedoctors two years ago in May of 2020 and they have now released their fourth album “Four And A Half”. Just like every other release they’ve had, this does not disappoint, the group has released a double album. A double album is basically an old fashion two sided cassette, the red album stands for Side A and is more new wave, dark wave and post-punk. The Black album or Side B contains songs on the grunge side. All those songs were mixed and mastered by Dawid Gorgolewski at Osso Studio in Gdansk, PL.

Starting the Red Side is “Crime Story”, a dark in nature song that make you feel a whirlwind of emotions. The story being told throughout the song keeps you engaged, the band is showing off their post punk side with “Crime Story”. The 11 song A side is already off to a strong start with “Crime Story”.

If you’re a fan of the dark wave, goth, post punk style then you’ll notice that as you continue on through the A Side that you are gradually loving Snakedoctors more and more. “B Song – WW Remix” elevates the vibe of darkness to a different level, it’s something you’re sure to enjoy.

If grunge is more your style, don’t fret. If you start with “Wanna Fly” it’s your first step to the grungeness of Snakedoctors. The song is true to the title, it is going to make you want to fly, the uplifting seeming song takes you off to a new planet.

Snakedoctors have taken things to a new level with “Four And A Half”, the 25 song album does not disappoint. As you make your way through the album you’ll find it incredibly to pick a favorite side, let alone a favorite track. They have different mixes of songs and they make it hard to love each version.

With as many releases as they’ve had, they made music for everyone to enjoy. Snakedoctors are the band you need to keep your eye and ears on, you can only hope that they have no plans of slowing down so they can keep releasing excellent music. Snakedoctors are the ones to love.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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