“Psychopath Cool” by Chucky Trading Co

Bluesy and endlessly endearing, this new track from Chucky Trading Co is cool, addictive rock with gorgeous instrumentation and lyrical wit.

Rich in soul and that elegant charisma synonymous with blues/folk, “Psychopath Cool” harbors all of Chucky Trading Co’s classic tenacity and wit while exploring new sounds. Pulling you in with its smooth groove and elegant instrumentation, the song has a pulsating charm from start to finish. The piano sounds effortlessly full and addictive from the opening bars. Accompanied by passionate vocals and a crooning violin that tugs your heartstrings, “Psychopath Cool” is sonically rich to a point you’ll never want the song to end.

While the musical backdrop and passionate performances are stunning, it’s the singles beautiful lyricism that really seals the deal. Heartfelt and balanced atop a vocal melody that sticks in your head, Chucky Trading Co have crafted the perfect blend of subtlety and emotional poetry.

While housing an already eclectic and sonically addictive discography, the Manhattan based artist is only at the start of his musical journey. With tons of equally well-crafted songs full of the same charisma and charm, there’s no better thing to do today than check out Chucky Trading Co.

Stream the new single “Psychopath Cool” today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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