“Divinity” by Daniel Bohn

Multi talented solo artist Daniel Bohn is back with a very special single for the world to hear. The guitarist, drummer, bassist, vocalist, and pianist/synth player from St. Louis has produced music that listeners like yourself, are loving. After some self convincing Daniel has decided to express himself through his music.

“Divinity” was released on vinyl with the help of everyone like you by providing support on his kickstarter This song is a connecting story to his next album, which introduces the deity and main villain of the story. “Divinity” was mixed and mastered in St. Louis by Buddy Dorian from Metalkrypt.

“Divinity” tells the story of a hero discovering his deity or God, has betrayed him, this twisted metal story will grab you and bring you in and never let go. Listening to “Divinity” is like reading the first chapter in a book then not being able to finish.

This songs makes you wonder what’s next and how this story will go, it feels like a song you would play while fighting the final boss during Final Fantasy. The hard hitting song from one man band Daniel, is about to be your favorite song.

Listen to “Divinity” on repeat as you learn more and more about the beginnings of this story. Daniel Bohn should and be and will become your favorite artist after listening to “Divinity”.

“Science is the magic of Gods.” – D. Bohn

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Karim Fetoum





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