“When You’re Asleep” by Will Soma

Heartfelt and rich in passionate performances, “When You’re Asleep” is a brilliant new song from one of Sydney’s most exciting new artists.

Starting off with a somber clarity, the track slowly comes to its final form with gorgeous instrumentation and smooth vocals. The lyricism on display shows off Soma’s talent with words and crafting an emotive tale amidst a stunning musical backdrop. While chill there’s an understated intensity to the track aligned with Soma’s passionate performances throughout.

Influenced by the likes of Pearl Jam, Oasis and Chris Cornell, Soma has successfully applied these artists to his sound while keeping his discography sounding wholly unique and original. The soft rock vibes match the poetic lyrics perfectly. The track explores the universal pain of not knowing whether or not to take a chance and risk losing it all.

“The song is about whether to take the risk and show feeling for someone when the risk is that you will lose them entirely. The energy in the song fluctuates with the emotion, from reflection to courage.” – Will Soma

A captivating new release that tugs on your heartstrings and takes you on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, “When You’re Asleep” is an incredible single from Will Soma. At the very start of a promising career, there’s no better time to check him out. Stream “When You’re Asleep” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman




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