“Didgeridoo” by Bonded Jacky

A track rich in emotion and passion that explores the stages of grief with maturity and grace, Bonded Jacky’s new song is a heart-wrenching and addictive single.

“Didgeridoo” is a song about losing someone close to you and struggling through the obstacle course of grief. The singles bouncy and jangly aura adds a distinct optimism to the tracks tough subject matter, abandoning bitterness and pessimism for a more hopeful outlook on the process. Bonded Jacky’s smooth and utterly addictive vocal performance draws you in from the get-go and the lyricism on display throughout “Didgeridoo” is nothing short of fantastic.

While similarities could be drawn with Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers, Bonded Jacky has successfully crafted a wholly unique sound, rich in upbeat charisma and mature songwriting. Her ability to weave intricate tales of grief and loss onto a musical palette so upbeat and carefree is surreal. Bonded Jacky’s incredible talent for earnest music making is on full display in all of the Los Angeles’ artists discography and “Didgeridoo” is no exception.

The production is ideal for this track; soft and bedroom-poppy while still letting the main vocals stand out and be heard alongside the warm instrumentation. The symphony of laughter in the background adds a tinge of nostalgia to the single that makes it all the more endearing. The acoustic guitar chugging along beautifully keeps the tracks momentum moving nicely.

An incredible new single from Bonded Jacky that’s both intimate and universal, “Didgeridoo” does everything right and shows off the talent of one of LA’s finest emerging artists. Stream “Didgeridoo” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman




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