“Wasteland” by Alvinos Zavlis

Exploring a new sound, Zavlis has successfully blended his love for R&B and experimental electronic soundscapes to craft an addictive new single.

While Zavlis’ sound is uniquely dark and brooding there’s an optimistic originality that evokes a sense of wonder with every track. “Wasteland” is no exception, exploring a new style for the rising UK artist while still housing all his usual flares and uniqueness. A carefully crafted musical palette makes this track endlessly repayable and allows Zavlis’ talent as a musician and creative mind be shown on full display.

From the powerful bass and trip hop to the more contemporary R&B sensibilities, “Wasteland” is practically oozing with originality and purpose. The vocals are captivating and perfectly mixed amidst the superb instrumentation.

The track is about realizing your relationship is toxic and no longer looks like what it once was. The odd pairing of styles that mold together so perfectly provides the perfect backdrop for such a motif. Effortlessly catchy and poppy, “Wasteland” wastes no time pulling you into its surreal world where you’ll be begging for the song not to end.

A superb new single from an artist you have to keep an eye out for, “Wasteland” is Alvinos Zavlis’ best track yet and the perfect introduction to his amazing sound. Stream “Wasteland” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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