“Velvet, Black, Ignite” by Warahenege

Manchester, UK’s Warahenege’s debut EP “Velvet, Black, Ignite,” is an ethereal soundscape. The near-flawless EP comprises four dream and synth-pop tracks with thoughtful lyrics and an overall alluring score. All recorded in Warahenege’s humble abode (his room), “Velvet, Black, Ignite” is a unique piece of art that comes straight from the heart.

Praveen Somarathne is the man behind Warahenege, a solo project inspired by the likes of indie musicians such as Big Thief and Elliot Smith. Along with his inspirations, Warahenege creates his own distinct sound, which is showcased beautifully in “Velvet, Black, Ignite.” Each track is exceptional in how they are delivered, and each song is extremely vulnerable and honest.

The first track on the EP, “Strange New Crowd,” is synth and keyboard-heavy, with its melancholic yet captivating melody. Warahenege’s raspy, whisper-like voice brings the track together, creating an almost ominous soundscape. Following “Strange New Crowd” is the melodic “Skyscrapers and Oceans,” a piano-heavy ballad that pulls at the heartstrings. 

The next track, “Black Smoke, Autumn Breeze,” has a much more uplifting vibe, reminiscent of bands such as War on Drugs; Warahenege’s eccentric sound takes his music to a whole new level in this amazing track. The last track on the EP, which is also the title track, “Velvet, Black, Ignite,” is a hopeful and heartbreaking song at the same time. The vulnerable song delves deep into Warahenege’s head and heart, tackling the complex topic of falling in love. While falling in love is a beautiful emotion and something that is so special to experience, Warahenege puts his heart on his sleeve to tackle the difficulty of loving someone and how important it is to be honest with one another. 

The fact that “Velvet, Black, Ignite” is Warahenege’s debut EP is remarkable and shows that displaying raw emotions is the way to go. His talent and drive will only go up from here, so do yourself a favor and get acquainted with Warahenege.

Written by Melissa Cusano









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