“Too Big Too Strong” by Clifford

A powerful new single about believing in yourself and fighting your fears with courage and grace, “Too Big Too Strong” hits all the right notes.

Photo credit: Reeves Production

The track houses a richness and emotional maturity uncommon in most pop rock songs in modern day, which is a testament to Clifford’s ability as both a songwriter and artist. The almost anthemic relatability this song provides is nothing short of masterful, making a universal struggle to be oneself feel intimate and personal.

The instrumentation is powerful, from the red-hot snare that keeps you on your toes to the passionate vocals. The lyricism is strong and pulls you into the tracks emotive message, exploring a difficult topic with an intensity that never falters and a subtle vulnerability that shows Clifford knows what he’s singing about through and through.

“My hope with this song is that the listener feels empowered to rise above any challenges they encounter, whether those challenges are derived from within themselves or from others.”  – Clifford

A powerful new release from one of America’s rising stars, “Too Big Too Strong” is emotive, passionate, and stunning from start to finish. With strong production that lets every instrument breathe while still feeling tight, the song explodes from verse to verse. Clifford’s ability to craft such visual tales against a dynamically rich musical backdrop has cemented his style as utterly addictive and endearing. At the start of a very promising career, there’s no better time to stream Clifford than today. Check out “Too Big Too Strong” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman




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