“Who I Am” by Edsun

“Who I Am” by Edsun is funky, effortlessly cool, and perfect for the summertime. With its unique synths and meticulously produced pop vocals, this track will make you want to get up and dance, or it might just get stuck in your head. Either way, you’ll never skip it when it comes on shuffle.

Production-wise, this track has so much to offer. There are probably upwards of fifteen different sounds in the song total, doing things like swells, arpeggios, chords, riffs–you name it. The synths foster a lot of interest in this one. The rhythm plays a huge part in the groove of the song, setting a steady beat during the verse and escalating for the chorus. The drums use all the classic hi-hat and kick sounds while also employing a few unusual ones, including an oft repeating “click.” The bass drives the verses, maintaining most of the tonal accompaniment. Songs like this allow the bass to thrive because the low end needs such an experimental, funky sound. “Who I Am” is no different.

The vocals are decadently perfect. Edsun’s bright, high-pitched vocal tone has elements of The Weeknd or Michael Jackson, yet is unique in style and execution. He’s got a clearness and agility to him that fits the genre to a tee. The vocals are layered with octaves and harmonies so as to make them sound a little fuller. Otherwise, they’re edited crisply and without too many effects.

If you love hearing fresh, clean pop production or just need a song to groove to, you couldn’t do better than to listen to “Who I Am.” You might just fall in love with Edsun’s brilliant style.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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