“run” by Randy Beth

Randy Beth is one of those artists that you can tell, even through swaths of production and editing, is an incredible performer. Not only is her voice the perfect combination of smooth and warm, but the chord choices she makes in her song, “run,” prove she has a flair for the dramatic–or at least an intuition about how to foster emotions via musical decisions.

The intro of this song sports a few simple synths. Not too long after, Randy comes in with the verse along with a subtle kick drum sound. Her voice injects the soft, electronic production with an organicness as she breathes, “adolescence swims in dreams like these.” The lyrics take on this cryptic convergence of metaphor and realism. A first line like this certainly evokes a feeling but isn’t so literal that the listener knows the exact situation or context. It just makes you want to keep listening.

Soon the production fills with hi-hats, snaps, and sweet little synth bass hits. Randy executes a few precise runs and we’re propelled into the chorus. The instrumentation ramps up, complete with added rhythmic value, texture, and dynamics. The vocal line heightens in pitch and intensity. It’s everything a chorus should be–including a repeated tagline over the most deliciously satisfying chord.

Be sure to check out “run,” and while you’re at it, listen to her other release, “make a home,” as well! Randy Beth has undoubtedly got the talent and potential to be a hit songwriter, singer, and recording artist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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