“Moonrays” by Julian Petrin

A serene and powerful instrumental piece, “Moonrrays” is a captivating new release from one of Hamburg’s most enticing upcoming artists.

Bridging the gap between neo-classical music and downtempo electronica, Petrin’s aura is underpinned by his jazz upbringing. It comes through effortlessly in his sound, utilizing improvisation techniques and subtle motifs to craft gorgeous sonic landscapes in all his music. Taking inspirations from artsist like Jean-Michel Jarre, Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian, Petrin has successfully encapsulated these seminal artists’ talent and spirit into his own work while pairing it with his own passion and musical ability to create a wholly unique sound.

Throughout his life, Julian Petrin has oscillated between urbanism, where he is working since more than 25 years, and his dreams of music. After founding his first band in Düsseldorf in the 1980s, he moved to Munich in the early 1990s, where he wrote electronic stage music for independent theatre groups. A large part of his tracks were written in his present home town of Hamburg from 1993 onwards, with individual releases, e.g. in Raphael Marionneau’s “Café Abstrait” series, „Mercedes Benz Mixtape“ and on the Label i:deology. Over the past thirty years he created a rich catalogue of songs that reflect the decades from the dawn of synth pop to today’s diverse ramifications of electronic instrumental music – and which is now being reedited, remixed and published step by step.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact beauty of Petrin’s work – perhaps it’s the soft production or cinematic scope, but either way its beauty is graceful and unique, pulling you into a world you’ll never want to leave. Painting his serene melodies across a well-produced backdrop has separated Petrin from a lot of other contemporary instrumentalists and has helped the German artist garner a budding fanbase. His experience round music practically drips from his mature song writing skills.

A delightful new track drecnched in serene production and superb craftsmanship, Julian Petrin has crafted a seminal piece of work here. Stream “Moonrays” today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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