“NYNY” by Kritters X FILLY

“NYNY” by Kritters X FILLY is this fantastically trippy, mesmerizing pop anthem. Complete with bouncy synths and some washy vocal effects, this track feels a bit like Grimes–although it has this added psychedelic quality. It may leave you bobbing your head or almost catatonically relaxed.

It opens with this upbeat, almost jejune riff built with vocal samples. The singer comes in with a repetitive yet fitting melody that comes alive with the soft, light timbre of their voice. There’s almost a whispered quality to it, whether that is simply Kritters’ tone or an EQ-ing trick is hard to tell. Either way, it complements the lyrical and instrumental content perfectly. A meticulously timed stack of harmonies propels us into the chorus, at which point Kritters croons, “Spread my ashes in New York.” The sentiment of this line rides the line between unnerving and rather neutral. It’s a glorious match for the spacey musical content.

The bridge opens up with this collage of vocal samples, flinging it into a melody somewhat similar to the chorus. The rhythm section gets a little more complex and interesting, and the harmonies have the effect of a round.

If what you’re reading intrigues you at all, take a listen for yourself! “NYNY” will satisfy your craving for electro-pop bangers while giving you something to think about. You can actually listen to the original, pre-remix track by Kritters as well. You’ll appreciate both versions, especially if you like a good, stripped-down indie-pop sound. Be sure to give Kritters and FILLY a follow on your chosen streaming platform!

Written by Alyce Lindberg



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