“Wherever You Go” by The Mars McClanes

The third single from the Portland rockers, “Wherever You Go” is stylish indie pop with a vibrant bite and tons of charm.

A delightfully upbeat and poignant single for the summer, “Wherever You Go” was co written by Brian Corley and Russ Chapman. They wrote the track before flying over to Nashville, Tennessee to record with drummer Paul Constantine in the basement of Waylon Jennings’ old house, Southern Comfort.

Housing addictive lyrics and a charismatic energy, the track pulls you in from the start. The chorus is anthemic and the chugging guitars gives “Wherever You Go” just the right amount of raw, old school energy to add a nostalgic tinge. With power pop similarities throughout, the track burns like a Beatles tune while still housing The Mars McClanes signature vibe.

When asked about the track the guys said:

“Every summer needs a song about the open road, and this is ours,” muses Corley. “This track sounds great with the windows down,” says Chapman. “Wars, divorces—those themes creep into other tracks— ‘Wherever You Go’ says want what you’ve got now, and who you’re with.”

“True,” adds Constantine. “No reverbed-out minor chords in sight. Might as well have something to hum on the way home.”

A brilliant new song that’s perfect for the summer, “Wherever You Go” is bright, fresh and endearing to its core. Stream it today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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