“Summertime Compass (Acoustic Version)” by Alexander Joseph

There are two types of songs that were meant for the warmest season of the year that people cannot help but love, hype dance tracks, and songs that make you want to take a blanket to the beach and feel the sun’s embrace. “Summertime Compass (Acoustic Version)” by Alexander Joseph is the latter. This UK-based singer-songwriter perfectly captures the laidback, cheerful vibes of summer with his latest release, just in time for the months ahead. 

Alexander Joseph was just a kid at university when he penned “Summertime Compass” some 15 years ago but like wine, this tune got better with age. I have to admit, listening to this one made me homesick for California but it was enough to brighten my day because there was something about “Summertime Compass” that reminded me of hearing the likes of Jason Mraz for the first time, but more on the level of Mraz having a musical child with Bob Dylan. That is because while the music felt modern, vocally there was this vintage storyteller feel going on that felt unique to the current musical landscape. 

“Summertime Compass (Acoustic Version)” is the second single from Alexander Joseph this year, following “Firefly (Alternate Version).” This talented Ashby singer also has a myriad of other singles as well as a pair of EPs under his belt; ‘Anything is Possible’ and ‘Broken But Beautiful.’ To hear all of the above and then some, make sure to check out Alexander Joseph on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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