“Made By Thawing Ice” by Restless Mosaic

Seattle’s own Restless Mosaic has released their first album of the year “Made By Thawing Ice”. The long awaited album from Brandon Terrell Isleib, who is the brain behind Restless Mosaic, is also joined by vocalist Chilean Lili Aqvq. Both singers are huge in the YouTube community by being content creators for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI. “Made By Thawing Ice” was named for the mystery it brings and for the initials MBTI and BTI also happens to be the initials for Brandon.

The starting song of the album “A La Cara Amarilla,” is a dark song sung in Spanish, a song about her love for the Minesweepers happy face. The tango-esque track makes you want to get up and do a dramatic dance of love, it makes you feel something as soon as it starts. All you can think is wow, this is just the first song of the album, it makes you wonder how much more amazing it will get.

As it goes on and you get halfway through the album, you come across “Multicam Behavioral Health” which feature Australian singer Dear Kristen. This is showing more of their jazz fusion side and maybe a new side of yourself, it’s a fun song that you can’t get enough of.

“MITB” is showing multiple sides of Restless Mosaic, the talents are unmatched the music is unstoppable. The group makes you feel every emotions throughout the entirety of the album, from the darkness to the upbeat to the songs that make you genuinely smile, “Made By Thawing Ice” is an album that you must listen to.

If you have ever truly been alone with your thoughts for two minutes then you will instantly connect with “Alone for 10 Minutes”. The quiet siren like beginning keeps you enthralled in the dark hole that is the song, the track makes you feel everything deep in your soul, it’s something you truly feel.

As the album is coming to an end, it’s closing out with “Shadwan”, another track that makes you feel like you’ve unintentionally woken up in space. The seven minute song ascends you to levels you thought couldn’t be reached without a little help. It’s a quiet song with a powerful voiceless message, “Shadwan” was the perfect was to end this album.

“Made By Thawing Ice” is an album you do not want to miss out on, it’s an album that is surely to change your life. Restless Mosaic will become your favorite if they aren’t already.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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