‘By Your Bed’ by Arn-identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends

This track is one that will surely make you cry. It’s about grief and the moment of loss. If you’re looking for something delectably dark to delve into, you’ve come to the right place. ‘By Your Bed,’ is the hard-hitting and emotional lament that your ears are waiting for. It’s charged with absolute emotion and has a tale to tell that may help you process grief of your own through its connectivity.

The laid-back tempo opening ‘By Your Bed’ is a perfect basis for the energy of the track to pick up later on. It has a nice sound meshing a simple shaker, guitar, and an organ-like synthy sound. When the energy picks up, there’s less of an acoustic-sounding tone and a more electronic sound. There’s a nice rise here at this pickup that then falls back into the less busy sound. It’s nicely done in a way that keeps the listener there by how the music evolves and changes. The vocals are nice and have a nostalgic sound, the softness in their production lending itself to that nostalgia. There’s also a key change added to ‘By Your Bed’ that has a lot to add to the overall color of the track. You have to give it a listen to get lost within its sound.

This track. It’s definitely one of those heavy hitters. From the very opening, it’s obvious that this is about loss. It’s about being by the bedside of a loved one, knowing their last breath is coming sooner than you’d like it to be. There’s a lot captured that’s dark, vivid, and heartwrenching. ‘By Your Bed’ depicts final words leading to death, the whiteness entering a face quickly after their loss, and the difficult and confusing feelings one goes through after facing the death of a loved one. This is a track with a pretty universal idea, and it can offer up solace for those struggling with loss and grief themselves.

Arn-identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends is the musical solo project for Alien Friend, or Arne Floryd, based in Stockholm, Sweden. This project is the creation of his brain, but it also has a focus on collaboration. Alien Friend is a part of the Swedish band Redmoon as a singer and guitarist, and he garners the help of other musicians to work on and liven up this new project. He’s definitely a powerhouse of a musician, and ‘By Your Bed’ isn’t a track to be missed.

Written by Sage Plapp



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