‘Your Moves’ by Taylor Good

Romance and passionate love is always an aspect that can spice up a story. It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s emotional, and all forms of creative writing are captivated by it. In his latest album, ‘Hold Me Close,’ eclectic hip-hop artist Taylor Good dashes passionate love into the story his discography tells. A great bop coming from that album is his track, ‘Your Moves.’

‘Your Moves’ offers up a nice chill blend of R&B and pop and has a nice way of getting you lost in its lo-fi-sounding atmosphere. The bright spattered synthy hits cover the higher tones, whereas the bass also hits in to round out the overall color of the track. The vocals are nice and have a raw and real sound with their bit of a vocal waver. The bit of a lower-toned sound guides the listener along quite smoothly, and rapping shows a diversity in the vocals throughout the track.

Taylor Good himself notes that ‘Your Moves’ is about ‘romantic encounters.’ It does this with a catchy hook of a chorus with loving affirmations and lifting up a partner within the lyrics. There’s a romantic way this track has of displaying these previously mentioned romantic encounters by focusing on the beauty of a lover. This lyricism fits the optimistic and bright tones of the music nicely, and it calls for a lover to be in the voice of the song’s arms.

Taylor Good is a rapper and singer based in New York who has garnered a significantly vast discography since his start in 2018. ‘Your Moves’ is a part of his latest album ‘Hold Me Close.’ If you’re into steamy and lovey jams this album is for you. That being said, he has a distinct variation in his sound, with his other works exploring different topics and different sounds. Taylor Good is an eclectic artist with a discography to delve into.

Written by Sage Plapp




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