“Deny” by Lewis Muller

An emotive serenade that’s rich in passion and heartfelt lyricism, “Deny” hits all the marks for Muller’s debut single.

There are influences drawn from 90’s pop and R&B but the track is undeniably unique, cementing a signature sound for Muller with only one song under his belt. Full of atmospheric longing for the respect of a lover, “Deny” builds in momentum with strong, catchy melodies and a distinct sonic landscape.

The single encourages you to place yourself in Muller’s shoes, which is already a place many of us are familiar with – a place of heartbreak and grief prompting the inevitable questions of “What went wrong?”. The intimacy throughout this track is unparalleled, like a universal old friend you can chill out with and vibe.

The production is smooth, allowing the minimalist instrumentation the right amount of room to breathe while still sounding big and comforting Muller’s vocals are spot on, pulling you in with their passion, intense but grief stricken, nonetheless. “Denys” chill, bedroom pop like orchestration adds a particular nostalgia and sadness to a track already drenched in emotion.

Hailing from Amsterdam, “Deny” marks the first single of Lewis Muller’s career and it’s a terrific kickstart to say the least. Stream it today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman




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