“Hope” by Gianfranco GFN

With the current state of the world near and far, it is nice to hear a piece of music that can take you back a bit. Back to a simpler time and that is what “Hope” by Gianfranco GFN featuring the vocal stylings of Paula Bright, Anaïse Jolidon, and Vladimir Carbone did for me. Pressing play on “Hope” transported me back to the ‘90s when music had this easygoing, let’s just vibe feel that we rarely get to hear today. 

So while “Hope” does not sound like the likes of Sade, it does sound like a song that would be on a playlist with the Grammy-winning artist. More like musical cousins than siblings in that regard. Gianfranco GFN gives way to a spirited performance accompanied by Paula Bright, Anaïse Jolidon, and Vladimir Carbone, a trio of talented vocalists, that help make this musical fusion of sound come to life. There are layers upon layers of jazz, Latin pop, and soul coming together, making every bite of this song more addicting than the last. All in all, this is a song that evokes big metropolitan energy through and through. 

Gianfranco GFN has been making music for some time with his debut, ‘Downtown in Person 70’s’ having dropped several years ago. Since then he has followed that up with 2019’s ‘Ca’giazz’ and a plethora of singles including “So Dance,” “Mille baci,” and “Reporter.” To hear all of the above, including “Hope,” make sure to check Gianfranco GFN out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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