“I Miss the Old You (Instrumental)” by Sean David Christensen

Photo Credit: Ethan Chilton

The sentiment of missing someone does have this sorrowful tone to it, right? However, I couldn’t help but smile when listening to “I Miss the Old You (Instrumental)” by Sean David Christensen. Perhaps it was the cinematic moments it made me think of, or the parts in which I felt there was a jovial spirit.

Getting into the thick of it, “I Miss the Old You (Instrumental)” took me to the late ‘80s during the tail-end of Disney’s Bronze Age when movies like ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘The Rescuers’ came to be. However, “I Miss the Old You (Instrumental)” reminded me of neither of those movies, but rather the Billy Joel-fueled ‘Oliver & Company.’ I could see this delightful jazz-inspired composition injecting energy into a flashback scene during that time in film. Which coincides well with the song as it’s about looking back on who someone was and being enchanted with who they used to be rather than who they are today. In my head, the flashback played out like a bit of a zany one, with a whimsical dance sequence set to the latest from Sean David Christensen. 

The Los Angeles-based musician approached “I Miss the Old You (Instrumental)” from a different perspective than I heard it, which is my favorite part about instrumental pieces. They allow for more interpretation because they’re void of lyrics guiding your mind. How will this one make you feel? To find out, check out Sean David Christensen on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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