“Wicked Woman” by Tori Boltwood

A tremendous new banger, that revels in its own captivating passion and power, “Wicked Woman” is an absolute must for fans of rock and blues.

Pulling you in with its stunning use of instrumentation and stellar production, its Boltwood’s vocal performance that truly seals the deal in “Wicked Woman”. Drawn from a serene place of passion and resilience, they lay across the track with purpose and grace before cementing themselves in your head thanks to the track’s catchy melodies.

Fierce and relentlessly rock n’ roll, “Wicked Woman” is an experience from start to finish and one only Boltwood could provide. Housing clever lyricism and superb bass work, the single builds and builds in subtle but effective ways throughout tis runtime.

When asked about her music Boltwood said:

“Something that has shaped me as an artist that I think would be interesting to others is that fact that I was born with heart disease. It is something that has taught me a great appreciation for life and the many great things it has to offer. As someone who feels like she was given a second chance at life I don’t settle for giving up on my music dreams”. -Tori Blackwood

The backing vocals are delightful and accent Boltwood’s lead melodies perfectly. A tight backing gives the single a repeat quality similar to hit singles of old. An anthemic song that only gets better after each listen, there’s a bright future ahead for Boltwood who’s already started growing an avid fanbase.

“Wicked Woman was written to embody a fierce Anthem about the respect women and all people deserve. It was created because I was struggling with my own internal strength and confidence. How I was experiencing that I was being judged and labelled by others simply for the fact I am a women. This song is about how women and people in general don’t have to be controlled by social pressures. That any human being doesn’t have to have to love of another to love themselves and who they are as an individual”. – Tori Boltwood

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Written by Ciarán Coleman





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