“Monster” by Cindy Louise

An inspirational new single that’s addictively catchy and housing stellar production, “Monster” is Cindy Louise at her very best.

Despite only starting her career in 2019, Cindy Louise has been making waves all across the music industry with her intimate lyricism and unique aura. Already featured in Huisgenoot magazine, News24 lifestyle and on Jacaranda FM, here growth has resulted in an avid and consistently growing fanbase. Garnering great reviews from critics and the public alike, Louise’s sound is universally enjoyed yet easily found within oneself.

“Monster” explores self-confidence and the struggle to love yourself in the modern world with poise and maturity. This is a difficult topic to tackle but Louise has successfully crafted a gorgeous song that’s heartfelt while not self-pitying and powerful without being preachy.

The production is impressive, allowing the instruments and Louise’s vocals just the right amount of room to breathe. Considering this track was in production for well over a year, the hard work has most definitely paid off. Housing elements of commercial pop mixed in with R&B and subtle blues, the overall vibe is unique and lush. The captivating but minimalist beat keeps the track chugging along nicely to a brilliant finish.

A stunning new single from an already fantastic young artist, “Monster” is Louise in all her unique glory. Make sure you check it out today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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