“What You Left There” by Prints of Monaco

Growing up is one of the worst cons we fall for. It is something many of us have been struggling with as of late because well, becoming an adult in this current environment – can be daunting. However, sometimes looking back on what was is just as unsettling;  both mentally and physically. Prints of Monaco capture that return home with the latest single, “What You Left There.” 

For those of us who have managed to pack a bag and never return to our childhood homes sans holidays and random weekends, we know all too well what can and cannot often fit into said bag. Listening to “What You Left There” it felt as if Prints of Monaco left a multitude of negative emotions as lines of untangling knots come into play as the hook. It is a song delivered with a heavy hand, and heart – showcasing that home is not always the grab bag of goodness TV sitcoms make them out to be.

“What You Left There” feels like the musical love child of Death Cab For Cutie and The Lumineers. It is that folklike charm of the latter that shines bright in Prints of Monaco’s previous release, “New Ways.” Those are the latest from Prints of Monaco, with the promise of an album’s worth of songs ready to finish out the rest of 2022. To hear both of those and more, make sure to check out Prints of Monaco on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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