“No Doubt” by Proklaim

Proklaim is a solo artist from Windhoek, Namibia, the rapper has released latest single “No Doubt”. This track will eliminate any doubt you have about him as a rapper. Proklaim describes himself as a seasoned veteran rapper who is distinct and know his artistic identity.

“No Doubt” is a soulful lyrical message infused music with vibes that are unique from the cadence to the chorus, it doesn’t replicate trends but pioneers.

Proklaim brings the heat with “No Doubt”, instantly he makes you want to stop what you’re doing and pay attention to what Proklaim has to say. “All hail the truth”, the introduction that makes you wonder what truth he is talking about, the fast yet smooth rhymes from Proklaim makes it easy to follow and to vibe to.

“No Doubt” is up there with a one of the top raps that you have heard and Proklaim should be a contender as your favorite rapper. His voice is enticing and brings you in and before you know it, you’re hooked onto Proklaim and his words.

The man can do it all, between rapping and having a nice singing voice, “No Doubt” is easily a song that anyone can love. It’s lyrically powerful and packs a punch, the beat makes it easy to stay engaged in the song and it doesn’t overwhelm. The song is the perfect amount of “in your face”. Keep listening to Proklaim and his words, it’s something you won’t regret.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Alexander Kiremire




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