“Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend” by Jade Moede

Jade Moede is a solo artist from Cotuit, MA who is bringing you a new creative single “Roset My Zombie Girlfriend”. Jade is multi talented, it ranges from being a drummer, guitarist to being a singer/songwriter to being able to stub his toes on the piano. He doesn’t stop there, he is learning to play cello, maybe he will introduce that into future songs.

Opera….drama…creativity…”Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend” contains it all, according to Jade it is a classic revenge operatic escapade. “Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend” is about a girl who was wronged and became a zombie, now to the boyfriend’s surprise, Rosey was suppose to go to heaven, but instead seeked revenge.

Murder is never a good thing but if you’re going to kill someone, make sure they don’t turn into a zombie. They will make your life a living hell and a bit chaotic, much like “Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend”. The fun, silly, outgoing makes you uncontrollably jiggle your body and you just can’t stop.

Jade is one of the most unique artist you can come across, “RMZG” feels like it belongs in “Repo! The Genetic Opera”, it’s dark, creepy and irresistable. Jade Moede is an artist you must keep and eye on because anything he releases is sure to put a huge smile on your face. He may have a lot of releases but “Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend” is only just the beginning.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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