“Phoenix Rising” by Archways

An addictive debut single that draws you in from the opening chords, “Phoenix Rising” is an optimistic track that you’ll never want to end.

Bright and airy with an incredibly catchy chorus, Archways have successfully crafted a powerful debut single that’s both fun and rich in heartfelt emotion. With an a late 90’s or early 2000’s like air, the simple and effective vocal melody throughout the verses and chorus give the track an endless repeat quality that’s lacking in a lot of indie music these days.

Spurred on by endearing performances and a sonic palette that’s warm and comforting, “Phoenix Rising” tells a tale of appreciating life and recognizing those special moments when they arrive. It’s about those crazy, wonderful moments in life and the tracks lush atmosphere perfectly encapsulates just that.

“I went for a date with a girl from Phoenix; Arizona, and she told me to write a song about her. So, I sat down as a joke to write something and then this song came out and everyone loved it. Which is really annoying because she ended it after the 5th date and now, I have to keep playing this song at all our shows” – James

An incredible debut single from one of London’s most exciting rising artists, “Phoenix Rising” shows Archways have a bright future ahead of them. At the very start of their musical journey, there’s no better time to check these guys out than now. Stream “Phoenix Rising” today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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