“Pessimism” by Lee Trent

Contrasting with his previous single “Optimism”, this new track from Lee Trent is stylistically impressive and rich in charisma and minimalist charm.

“Pessimism” has a distinct and vibrant tenacity to it that touches one’s soul. Whether it’s the intricate yet simple sonic landscape housing a beautifully barren acoustic guitar atop a fretless bass or Trent’s heartfelt lyricism that plucks at your heartstrings, it’s undeniably effective.

Lee Trent utilizes his skills as a multi-instrumentalist throughout all his work, crafting stunning melodies and voicings across multiple genres with ease. His greatest strength lies in his ability to explore complex topics and genres with clarity and grace, creating an eclectic discography along the way. Comfortable with looking uncomfortable subjects dead in the eyes has allowed stunning tracks like “Pessimism” to come to life.

The production is sweet and soft while still giving the track a delightful amount of power. Its raw backbone provides the perfect soundscape for Trent’s vocals and instrumentation. Each instrument sounds full and rich but never taking away from the main vocal’s presence.

A beautiful new single from one of Nashville’s most exciting new artists, “Pessimism” is sonically and lyrically rich, with tons of heartfelt emotion and raw power. Stream it today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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