“When Death Comes” by band w/o band

Coming from Hamburg, Germany is solo artist Marc also known as band w/o band, a name you may already be familiar with. The singer/songwriter is a multi instrumentalist that pulls from inspirations such as alternative metal, rock, hard rock and post grunge. “When Death Comes” is band w/o band’s latest single and according to over 16,000 people it does not disappoint.

Instantly you feel the heaviness and darkness in the guitar, you start to do that slow head bang and flow with the energy. band w/o band brings the absolute heat with “When Death Comes”, you really feel like death is knocking at your doorstep. “When Death Comes” is not for the weak, only the strong will survive.

The drums keeps you engaged while the guitar makes you stank face, the combination of that and the vocals will make anyone want to jump in the mosh pit. So far, “When Death Comes” is band w/o band’s third largest single and it’s no wonder why, it’s a song that just won’t quit.

As the song is hits the middle of the song it seems the best is yet to come, the meat of the song happens when the stop happens and then it drops again. It just makes you want to jump off a roof into a pool full of fire, “When Death Comes” is as dramatic and as hardcore as that statement.

Listen to more than just “When Death Comes” from band w/o band, you will not regret it.

Written by Jaye Maverick

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