“by your side” by ku:hu (ft. wroi)

An emotional and mature new single that’s rich in musicality and experimental soundscapes, “by your side” is a masterful song from one of London’s most exciting upcoming artists.

Photo cred: Sansy Rewatkar

Merging elements of neo soul and R&B lo-fi isn’t an unheard of venture but its hard to deny the sheer originality that is ku:hu’s sound. Born in Vadodara, India, ku:hu spent the beginning of her formative years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia before emigrating to London at the age of 7, where their love for music blossomed. From Hindustani classical music to pop and rock, the eclectic mix of styles and genres can be heard in all of ku:hu’s music. With every note drenched in her unique aura, it’s no wonder the London based artist has started building an avid fanbase.

ku:hu holds a degree in Music from Royal Holloway, University of London, where they attended between 2017-2020 and completed her masters at Berklee College of Music from 2020-2021, specializing in Contemporary Performance with Production.

Alongside her music work, ku:hu is also an avid photographer as well as an ex-radio show host, hosting her own show titled ‘Coffee Break Sessions with Sans’, where they discuss their opinions on current affairs as well as introducing listeners to new and exciting music.

“by your side” is heart wrenching but comforting, intimate yet universal. With clever lyricism and a tremendous vocal performance also provided by wroi, the single has already started making waves in the British music scene. The vocals are addictive, and the subtle instrumentation creates the perfect backdrop for their captivating power. The production is stellar, allowing each element of the track the right amount of room to breathe and still sound tight and full. While contemporary and forward thinking, the modern pop sensibilities are ever present on “by your side”, giving it a tremendous repeat quality.

There’s no better time to get into ku:hu than now. Stream “by your side” today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman




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