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“Real To You” by OX

German alt-rock band OX released their single, “Real To You”, on June 3 of 2022. The song is the first single leading up to the release of their new EP set to release this fall. The project comes after the band’s refocus on their sound and what it means to them. 

“Real To You” opens with a heavier guitar sound reminiscent of fan-favorites like Five Finger Death Punch. The vocals and overall sound seem to echo Coldplay or Snow Patrol. “Real To You” marries a bit of dark pop with rock and metal in a perfect mash of sounds. OX does a fantastic job at adding just the right amount of each aspect to their sound, truly having perfected it and what it means to them. 

The events of the last few years inspired the creation of “Real To You” in collaboration with Sawdust Records. The song is about how people perceive reality, as noted when the lyrics echo “real to you” and talk about a “fine line”. Sometimes one’s ideas skew their reality. The accompanying music video is a performance-based video that really brings the focus to the music, and not any single interpretation of the lyrics. 

“The last few years have shown how people are able to get sucked into a false reality based on a narrative, which is further and further distorted by bad contacts and information. Fear and insecurity lead us as a society to become more and more divided instead of working together to solve the real problem.” – Simon

OX is under the 7hard record label. Simon Ochs (singer, guitar), Max Siegmund (drums), Niklas Reinfandt (bass), and Nadir Zee (guitar) all form the band. Follow OX on their socials linked below!

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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