“HG Wells” by Velvet Starlings

Aesthetically pleasing as it is musically proficient, “Velvet Starling” has all the makings of a summer hit alongside rich lyricism and mature songwriting sensibilities.

Warm and intimate, the psychedelic atmosphere that encases this new single is nothing short of wonderful. Hailing from LA and the beach cities of Southern California, Velvet Starlings have an identity that scream sunlight and happiness, while still exploring difficult themes and topics maturity and with a lot of poise. Merging the sounds of 60’s pop rock with West Coast sensibilities, there’s no limit to Velvet Starling’s ability as musicians and artists alike.

An ideal track for fans of fuzzy psychedelia in the summertime, “HG Wells” has infectious hooks and endearing performances for days. While housing an 80’s aesthetic this track is wholly forward thinking, exploring new soundscapes from start to finish. Co- produced by Christian Gisborne and Joel Jerome, the track was mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, Liam Gallagher). The Velvet Starlings pay tribute to sci-fi heroes of old – “Dr Who, Doc Brown and HG Wells” and wish a “real genius” could be sent back in time to change the state of the world today.

There’s a repeat quality to this track that you just can’t ignore, which has only helped garner serious radio play and additions to multiple playlists. Its up-tempo, captivating sound makes you wish the track was longer, but its 2:45 minute runtime is ideal in retrospection. Already housing a stunning discography and with an incredible future right at their fingertips, there’s no better time or track to get you into Velvet

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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