“the sea complains” by Alien Machine

Alien Machine is a solo band that was formed in 2013 and after 7 long years in 2020 they released their first official single. Two years later Noah aka Alien Machine is back with a new EP “the sea complains” and as a solo artists, he did everything thing all himself. Dallas/Fort Worth artist Noah played both guitars, does software, records, mixes and masters everything for Alien Machine.

“the sea complains” is the latest EP and in this one, the main focal point is talking about mental health struggles. “Math” was the first and only single to be released from the EP. The track is immediately in your face and it makes you want to mosh, so many moments for you to get your aggression out.

The grit and “softness” of “why” is almost opposite of what “math” provided. The quiet screams mixed with the subtle drums and endless guitar will have you hooked. Alien Machine is not for the weak, the music made by them is an acquired taste and if you don’t have the taste for it, you’re missing out.

If you need to throw yourself against the wall, set yourself on fire or jump off a bridge then “coward” and “aquaburst” are your songs. They is the most aggressive songs on the EP and they do not disappoint, it seems that with this EP, Alien Machine has found their sound.

The EP is something every punk needs to hear, it’s made for those who maybe feel misunderstood. “the sea complains” showcases the best of Alien Machine, it’d be a huge shame for you to miss out on “the sea complains”.

“Sputnik Heart – Special Version” is the emo song everyone needs, it’s very much like an early 2000s punk song that you’d see on MTV when you got ready for school. This is a very special EP, it’s somewhat of an addiction, you’ll find yourself playing the 15 min EP on repeat and before you know it an hour has gone by. “the sea complains” is worth the listen.

“The past is a grotesque animal but the future’s even worse” – from math by alien machine

Written by Jaye Maverick





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