“I need to know” by Patrick Kearns

“I need to know” by Patrick Kearns is the southern rock anthem you’ve been waiting for. Bolstered by some powerful, uninhibited vocals, this song graces us with dynamic and heart-wrenching melodies, masterfully produced instrumentation, and cathartic lyrics. Doubtlessly, Patrick Kearns is a bonafide musical powerhouse. 

The intro swells into existence with a distorted electric guitar riff and a high-intensity drum groove. The choice to make the intro this driving and loud so early on is an effective tool, meant to both foreshadow the infectiousness of the chorus and juxtapose the impending verse. The instrumentation suddenly drops down to a solo acoustic guitar. Kearns sings, “I feel some kind of way / I’m not sure how, I can’t explain.” Any listener is bound to be mesmerized by the depth, clarity, and vulnerability of his voice as it soars over the abruptly soft accompaniment. The theme of yearning for someone whom you can’t quite pin down seeps into his vocal mannerisms, giving everything an air of authenticity.

Kearns cries, “And I need to know,” as the full band kicks in. The chorus overwhelms the mix with rumbling power chords, tight harmonies, crashing cymbals, and steady bass lines. The melody vacillates between long notes and funky, repetitive lines, maintaining a constant sense of interest. Each time the chorus recurs, it adds new rhythmic or instrumental aspects. One line near the end sports these extraordinary triplet hits, highlighting the genius, detail-oriented arrangement of this song as it comes to a close.

If you love country music, there is no reason why you wouldn’t love Patrick Kearns. “I need to know” is the definition of a country hit–and make sure to keep an eye on him, because there’s more where that came from.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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