“ALONE 2.0” by Lewis Poole

Southwest UK based artist Lewis Poole and his band are back with the goal of showing you guys this new side of them. The alt/pop rock musician just released his first single off his new album which is yet to be named, this first single ALONE 2.0 was written 10 years ago. The original was much slower and also was acoustic, Lewis felt it was time for this song to be revamped and given to the world.

Although the synth based song was written in 2012ish, it is reminiscent of early 2000s emo/pop punk. The air vocals mixed with the anthemic like sound from the band brings the big sound that was unexpected from artist Lewis Poole. “ALONE 2.0” is about being bitter and jealous and the exploration behind those emotions.

Let’s think back to 10 years ago, maybe you were only 11 years old, maybe you were 18 or 35. Just think back to a time when emotions was something you couldn’t control, it would sometimes make you lash out at the wrong people and some people wouldn’t tolerate it, thus leaving you to be alone.

This relatable song makes it even more lovable, “I guess I’m alone now” will be stuck in your head hours after you listen to it. You’ll find yourself wanting to explore more of Lewis Poole and his band, the irresistible tune is showing you why Lewis Poole should become one of your artists.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: April Bishop / A.M Photography




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