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“Little Longer” by Vikram Ashtaputre

May 13, 2022 brought the release of “Little Longer” by Vikram Ashtaputre. Unlike anything I heard before, the song brings about a sense of happiness with its upbeat and catchy instrumentals. “Little Longer” tells a story inspired by Ashtaputre’s move across the world. “It’s about realizing that no matter where I go next, my heart will always be stuck in what came before” the artist tells us. 

There’s something to be said for a song that begins with a bit of humming. It can either go very badly or, in the case of “Little Longer”, it can be magical and tranquil–especially when combined with the right instrumentals. “I’m far from home there’s no need to hide when I’m all alone” Ashtaputre sings, his vocals smooth and soft, yet confident. 

“Little Longer” is a journey in itself. It’s different, vaguely reminiscent of some mashup of eras long gone and 90s music that is the new “classic”. The song boasts itself as a production masterpiece in its own right. When asked what his favorite lyric was from the song, Ashtaputre commented “”life’s full of circles, and yet I feel like a line” and I have to say that it might be one of my favorites as well!

Vikram Ashtaputre was born and raised in Pune, India. He is now based in San Francisco, California. The artist is inspired by Hindustani Classical music and artists like The Beatles and John Mayer. He began his musical journey at 6 when he ventured into the keyboard and developed an ear for music. For more on this artist and his incredible unique sound, follow his socials linked below.

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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