“Hometown Hero” by AJR WOW

Coming from the Virgin Islands is hip hop artist/rapper AJR WOW, now residing in Orlando, FL, the artist has chosen to release his second single “Hometown Hero”. AJR WOW is the founder of 308 Island Productions which features artist from FL, and from his school state North Carolina.

Anthemic music almost always immediately touches you right in the center of your heart and that’s exactly what happens when you hear “Hometown Hero” from AJR WOW. The introduction makes you turn your your head and say “hold up, what is this?” It’s an immediate bop.

You don’t need to be a hip hop fan to like the music that AJR WOW produces, you can see why he is thriving and succeeding at being the hometown hero. With over 3,000 listens in just one month, once you listen, you’ll see why the listens get higher by the minute.

The lovable song is about to be the song that every popper and krumper uses in dance battles, it had hard hitting beats and lyrically hits even harder. It’s hard to believe that this is only the second single from someone who seems to be a season rapper. With a song like this, you’ll put AJR WOW on the list with some big names.

“March On” and “Hometown Hero” will be two songs that you play as you start your day. The two songs make you feel like you can conquer the world, AJR WOW uplifts you with his music and you’d be crazy if you don’t instantly feel your heart get happy when you hear his words.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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