“F*ck Friday” by Meg Smith

Being single can be difficult at times especially when everyone around you is in a relationship. As a result, one may begin to feel a variety of feelings such as frustration, jealousy, and/or anger. Singer-songwriter Meg Smith delivers a creative twist on this subject matter on her single “F*ck Friday.”

The song begins with a rough, gritty guitar riff followed by the vocals of Meg Smith. The dynamics of the song quickly change towards the end of the first verse as the drums enter the composition, delivering a heavy, aggressive beat. The guitar also becomes louder and heavier in sound. Backing vocals make an appearance in the chorus creating a layer of harmony. The chorus features the catchy, sing-along hook “F*ck Friday, yeah”, which Meg sings with a mixture of anger and annoyance. Smith’s vocals are emotionally charged as she conveys her feelings of being single and finding herself at a public venue where she is surrounded by couples. “Why’s it always me? / When the high wears off, /And I’m not so drunk/Everybody’s got somebody/ Cuz the music stopped, /And the lights went up, / And I’m going home with me.” A brief instrumental solo occurs about halfway through the song with the guitar reverting back to an angry, heavy riff, and the synthesizer delivering a light, yet hypnotic performance. The song ends with a bang as the drums deliver a fast, intense beat, leading up to Meg Smith once again declaring how much she despises Fridays.

Meg Smith is based in Brooklyn, New York, but she is originally from Los Angeles. Smith has been creating music since 2020. Her music can be heard on several music streaming services.


Written by Brittany Jennings 

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