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“Waiting For You” by LUIGI.

The tick, tick, tick in the background of “Waiting For You” was a nice touch. It emphasizes the lyrical content of the song. The song hit streaming services on June 24, 2022 and is singer LUIGI.’s fifth song of the year. 

“Never knew what it was like feeling half alive just waiting for you” LUIGI. sings. The clock ticks and the guitar chords play. The drums start and the beat drops. It changes to a more upbeat tune that offsets the ballad-like tone of the song. The mashup of pop, EDM, and rock sounds is refreshing to hear. The interesting blend of music brings about a mix of emotions and reminds me a bit of the teenage angst. 

LUIGI. does a phenomenal job of reaching the typical millennial’s nostalgia with “Waiting For You”. The song definitely sends some early 2000’s vibes while maintaining an audience for young love. “Drifting in this sea of time, the minutes tick forever, still waiting for you” he sings. It is a song reminding us of those moments of young love where the need to be together outranked any time alone.

Singer-songwriter LUIGI. is from The Netherlands whose music is often a blend of early 2000s rock, pop, and EDM. The singer has been actively releasing on Spotify since 2020. LUIGI. currently has thirteen songs released on the music streaming giant. For more on this relatively unknown artist full of potential, follow him on his social media linked below.

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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