“Everything Must Change” by Rich Jacques

Rich Jacques’ new EP “Everything Must Change” is a breath of fresh air. Whereas a lot of music is about loss and life’s hardships, Jacques tips those usual topics upside down and creates an EP that is all about gratitude for life, especially after nearly three years of isolation. Comprised of Jacques’ calming voice, tranquil instrumentals, and meaningful lyrics, “Everything Must Change” is a truly special experience. 

“Everything Must Change” has six unique songs that create a gentle atmosphere. The first track, “Montecito,” has a welcoming aurora right away, wrapping its listener in a warm blanket. As Jacques explains this magical place that he dreams of, one can close their eyes and imagine all that the lyrics delve into: the sea, the sweet neighbors, and the boardwalk. Montecito is a real place, of course, but the track “Montecito” can be a metaphor for any place that feels like home. 

Following “Montecito” is the title track, “Everything Must Change,” a sonic soundscape with an ultra-relaxing melody. The songs “Can You See It” and “New Design” are soothing tracks that have a nostalgic feeling to them, while “Burn Me Down” has lyrics discussing Jacques’ reality of knowing the only one who can save him is himself. The final track on the EP, “The Stars Above,” has a melancholy instrumental, with Jacques reflecting on his life and thinking about his future. 

Overall, “Everything Must Change” is an EP discussing life’s most intimate moments, home, and making sure to appreciate the little things. Covid-19 was a time of isolation to truly dig deep and find out things about ourselves. With this time to think and reflect on life, Jacques created this captivating EP.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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