“Shaken” by Cynthia Hamar

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A couple of years sat between the beginning and end of “Shaken” by Cynthia Hamar. Dealing with the inner turmoil of reality and the trauma that comes with it, she started jotting down the words and eventually constructed the music that would usher in a new wave of music for the Canadian singer-songwriter.

It has been a handful of years since Cynthia Hamar dropped her sophomore album, ‘The Son & I.’ So for fans of this Americana-laced delight, the wait is over but it was well worth it as “Shaken” is a mix of simple yet haunting musical moments that give way to a poetic punch throughout. As for the song as a whole, it reminded me of the more eerie moments of the hit HBO series ‘Westworld.’ Like Cynthia Hamar could give this a piano remake and aesthetically it’d fit right into the robotic drama. Here in reality though, you can hear the pain of this storyteller and you know right away where the person who penned this is coming from and you feel for them. 

“Shaken” is one of those songs that you place at the start of your encore. It’s not the big bang at the end, but rather the one that helps guide an audience to the end of an already wonderful night. With that, may “Shaken” be what guides fans both new and old to continue to keep an eye out on Cynthia Hamar as it is her latest release and first since 2016’s ‘The Son & I.’ To hear all of the above and more, make sure to check Cynthia Hamar out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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