“Searching For A Reason” by Dax

Most days, especially as of late, it often feels as though many of us are just wandering through the motions. Wake, work, sleep, repeat. Once in a while, though we step back from that constant cycle and think deeply about the meaning of it all, our purpose, and beyond. Those thoughts are what drove Dax to pen his latest single, “Searching For A Reason.” Utilizing visuals from a tale that highlights that not all is what it appears, in many ways it mirrors life as we know it. 

For “Searching For A Reason” Dax dove down the rabbit hole, literally. The video clip incorporates the infamous characters from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as Dax finds himself delivering this rapid-fire, modern-day hip hop track with elements of gospel inspiration tossed into the mix. Visually, everything strikes a chord and it pairs well with this track because Dax relays so many questions and wonders about life throughout. He mentioned part of “Searching For A Reason” aims at the instant gratification we seek now. The “Wonderland” in this story feels very much like the world of social media. It looks great from afar, but close up you see it’s really just smoke and mirrors. In the end, what we were chasing was all fantasy – leaving us to search for a reason. 

It’s all poetic when broken down piece by piece, but those just taking “Searching For A Reason” at surface level will find an entertaining song that checks off every box. Dax’s delivery is spot on, the song is catchy, and the music does its job in holding it all together like an audible glue. It’s one of the 16 tracks that held together Dax’s 2021 release, ‘Pain Paints Paintings’ as well. Aside from that release, Dax has dropped a cascade of other impressive releases including “She Cheated Again” and “Dear Alcohol.” 

To hear “Searching For A Reason” as well as all of the above and more, make sure to check out Dax on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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