‘Why Must I Be Alone’ by Quarter Black

We all feel alone at times, especially since the deeper pandemic. As everybody spent so much time apart, many of us struggled to truly connect with the loved ones in our life. There’s still some residual to that, and society is still recovering from something so huge and life-changing. In his latest single ‘Why Must I be Alone,’ solo artist Quarter Black explores these feelings with real emotions and a real story to tell.

A great way to describe ‘Why Must I be Alone’ is folksy, smooth, emotionally inspired, and captivatingly dynamic. The folk sounds are established with the moody acoustic guitar and baritone vocals that have a nice rasp introducing the track. The tempo guides you along smoothly, and the melody is delivered with so much emotion. The synthy distorted closing to this song changes up the pace nicely and adds tons of flavor. Everything about it is well delivered, and the raw production does a great job at lending itself to the overall sound. In an official press release on this track, Quarter Black says, “I was playing the first version of the song to my friend Elle and she thought the end part kinda sounded like Last Christmas by Wham! She wasn’t the only one who thought that either.” And, you know what, it does. The outro really does sound a little like ‘Last Christmas.’ Either way, it’s a great outro. It adds a nice extra dynamic to wrap the track up, kinda like a Christmas present.

The lyrics of ‘Why Must I Be Alone’ detail an emotional ballad filled with loneliness and fear. These are a couple of feelings that culminated in many of us during the deep pandemic. It was a time when it got harder and harder to connect with others as time went on, so being lost became an all-too-regular feeling for many of us. Quarter Black notes that these emotions come from a real place. Upon having terrible luck with online dating during the pandemic, he felt a deep sense of loneliness. “Finding a girlfriend seemed like the way out of the loneliness and it wasn’t happening. So I pretty much wrote a song declaring that I’m terrible at talking to women. At least online,” he states. This personal experience ended up raveling its way into a deep and emotional track about feeling separate from those around you.

Quarter Black is a Brentwood, TN-based solo artist with so much to offer through both his vocals and guitar skills. He currently has an LP titled “Live From Mom’s Basement” fully written up, which promises to be dynamic in genre and charged with emotion. This musical project was born from a recent college grad, couch hopping to figure life out post-education. He picked up guitar and singing to escape from and process a distinct confusion and loneliness that built up at this time. Quarter Black’s music is delivered with so much passion, and he puts so much raw emotion into what he’s doing. It’s exciting to think about how his sound might form as he moves ahead!

Written by Sage Plapp



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