“TERRIBLE THINGS” by 7KY (feat. Avonlea)

7KY’s new single, “TERRIBLE THINGS,” is a silky-smooth track that fans of R&B and dream pop will love. The 22-year-old producer, composer, and singer-songwriter is joined by the impeccable talent of Avonlea on “TERRIBLE THINGS,” who brings an ultra-sexy vibe to his sound. The combination of 7KY’s soft vocals and captivating instrumental, along with Avonlea’s raspy, smooth-like butter voice creates undeniable chemistry between the two. The sensual energy felt in “TERRIBLE THINGS” is guaranteed to draw any listener in. 

Aside from the indisputable energy that “TERRIBLE THINGS” gives off, the track also has an incredible back story. The song tackles the common subject of a one-night stand, yet “TERRIBLE THINGS” isn’t like other songs that discuss sex. The track is a beautiful, free-spirited, first-person take on the subject. 

The specific lyric that ties the entire story behind the track is “…our Scarlett letters intertwined”, which dates back to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book “The Scarlet Letter.” In the novel, the main character is shamed for her sexual indiscretions. The difference between how the protagonist in “The Scarlet Letter” is treated compared to the protagonists in “TERRIBLE THINGS” is that in the song, they aren’t shamed; they are praised. The so-called “terrible things” they are doing doesn’t bother them, as sex can be enjoyed without strings. This beautiful reality of a free-spirited life is executed flawlessly in “TERRIBLE THINGS.” 

Play “TERRIBLE THINGS” at your next party, kickback, or even during a car ride with friends; it will definitely get some heads turning to ask who sings this excellent track. “TERRIBLE THINGS” is available on all music streaming platforms today, July 13th, released by independent record label Good Society. Check it out, you won’t regret it!

Written by Melissa Cusano







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