‘Black Sedan’ by Laura Lang

The sad truth is that not all relationships work out, and not all of them are meant to. Sometimes they can lead to a distinct disconnect that you can’t quite get away from. This is something that’s explored within fresh-on-the-scene singer/songwriter Laura Lang’s latest track ‘Black Sedan.’

‘Black Sedan’ introduces itself in such a sweet and somber way. The guitar tones are plucky and bright, and they’re cut in beautifully by the smooth vocals. Laura has such nice control of her breathy and sweet tone, but she also pulls off some precise riffs and explores a wide vocal range with a punch of emotional charisma. Her high and low tones are all succinctly delivered, and the colorful music weaves its way into being the perfect backdrop. The introduction of a deeper bass and bending synths add such a presence to the sound. They pull you straight into its atmosphere as if its a daydream.

The lyrics behind ‘Black Sedan’ seem to delve into the story of an empty connection. This story explores the inner struggle of being in a romantic relationship, but trying to hang on even though that connection and spark isn’t quite there. It’s lingering like a candle flickering out, and though the want for a loving relationship is there, it doesn’t feel quite right. This is all done with deep and contrasting lyricism that is written with pure emotion. The verses explore a relationship full of empty feelings and falling out of love, but the choruses cut in with, ‘Anything I can do / To stay closer to you.’ It tells a lyrical tale of being stuck and held back by another while starting to come to terms with the fact that a specific relationship may not be for you.

Laura Lang is a Memphis-based musician who got her start with debut EP ‘All Downhill From Here’ in January of 2022. She has a smooth and ethereal indie folk sound and does a great job at providing those hard-hitting relatable deep cuts. Laura writes her music from a place of real emotions and experience, which develops well into this deeper lyricism. ‘Black Sedan’ is the debut title for Lauras upcoming EP ‘Bad Luck.’ This is such a wonderful debut that preludes to an entrancing collection of songs.

Written by Sage Plapp





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