‘Roller’ by LaVo

Though religion is a good thing, it’s also kind of like a double-edged sword. It is something that can be used to help some grow and process their lives, but it can also be used as a means to seek power. Many people seem to use religion as a means to use others, feel superior, or make profits. In the guise of all of this, some get caught in the crossfire and are made to feel inferior by those seeking power. This concept of false holiness is well captured in indie pop artist LaVo’s latest track, ‘Roller.’

‘Roller’ is nothing short of a groovable bop. It establishes itself as a dancey alternative pop track with more than enough energy to go around. There’s so much power weaving its way into the production and vocals, and it establishes itself as a dynamic genre bending track. The guitar hook makes itself out as the perfect catch, and the bass guitar has such a nice slap to it. LaVo displays a distinct vocal power throughout, working within so many different ranges and tones. It’s one of those songs with a melody you don’t want to miss, and it won’t fail to captivate.

Something else that won’t fail to captivate is the raw lyricism in ‘Roller.’ The lyrics of this track just came to LaVo one day based on his personal experiences and feelings surrounding holy rollers. It’s interesting how he takes this concept and uses lyrics of dice rollers to explore the topic. LaVo explains his own personal meaning behind the track nicely in an official press release. “Roller is about my experience dealing directly and seeing how modern day ‘Holyrollers’ take advantage of, neglect, and manipulate those not in an equal position of power for their own personal gain under the guise of spiritual ideology,” he states. ‘Roller’ is wonderfully poetic, and the lyrics do a great job at portraying how religion can be utilized as a means to control and cut down others.

Having released four singles so far, LaVo is an artist that packs an absolute punch. He’s already formed a distinct sound that’s equal parts nostalgic and new. LaVo sings and plays all the instruments used in his music, and he does a great job at weaving everything together in a unique way. He’s currently prepping for an upcoming EP that will further display his musical evolution, and ‘Roller’ serves as an amazing basis for that sound. LaVo is one of those artists who’s already showing a great sense of the dynamics of music and genre, and this helps him show range within the way he crafts each track. Every song has its own vision and crafts its own tale, and it’s amazing to know he’s working on a future release.

Written by Sage Plapp

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