“Primroses” by Murnau

Murnau is a name that you may be familiar with, the duo has been a band for 17 years now. They started in high school and now here they are in 2022 releasing powerful singles such as “Repent”, “Dalia” or their latest release “Primroses”. Alex Riggen is the vocalist and the guitarist and provides the rawness and drummer Nick Pompou brings the darkness and the loudness of “Primroses”.

The track starts off on the slower end and draws you in with the lyrics. If you happen to be watching the video while listening to it then you are able to form your own story with the visuals that were provided. The post rock, grunge group has this habit of making songs that you can’t help but to fall in love with.

The dynamic of the duo is very much present in each song and you can hear it more in “Primroses”. The heaviness of the song makes your heart sink and just when you get it back to a normal pace, they speed up again and blow you away. “Primroses” is a roller coaster of a song, it takes you on a wild ride and you end up possibly learning something about yourself.

As you finish the song, you’re left wanting more and more, the repeat button is so close. “Primroses” is that song that’ll make you a fan of Murnau if you aren’t already.

“Primroses is everything we want a Murnau track to be: hard to tie to a specific genre, raw and atmospheric. We recommend turning your headphones on loud and taking the journey.”

Written by Jaye Maverick




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